Updates, Features, & Downloads! - Link Fixed!

The Game The Game has came a long way and is months if not years ahead of even being possible thanks to many great assets and many hours of my life lost I’ll never get back (lol). V2.5 or Pre3 rolled out last night with UI almost complete, improved Ships controls, new flying vehicle, space


Sleepless Knights... In Space!

Sleepless Knights In Space! Here is this mornings preview of my project that now includes our own Solar System. Our newly formed Solar System was not based on actual data just a few physics applied and a lot of effect to achieve the visual quality.  It consists of one Star, two Planets, one Moon, and


Leader where are you? Sandbox Preview!

Hello all, Due to many complications (mainly my Acer Predator 8 gaming tablet dying) I have absent from the game for a litte while now only making brief appearances. I do manage to keep in touch with a few almost daily to keep tabs on what is going on and who is and should be