Cross State: Mistakes

This is a list that I will update over time.

When visiting enemy states there are many rules to who you can or cannot hit. Do not teleport into a field of low levels trying to farm as anyone not in an alliance will vanish the instant you touch them. You will end up wasting a valuable teleport and receive very little benefits or resources.

Also keep in mind you are in a different “Alliance” and “State” chat than what you are used too as in the alliance chat you now will only speak to those who are actually in your alliance and in that state. State chat works the same you may see people you know even but this is where you must realize they are in that state with you and on your side.

Now that you have your bearings and know how to find other people in your state its time to organize, scout, and destroy… Resources and glory await! Communication is the key. The game may have buggy messaging systems but this is where you will need it the most. Get a plan maybe everyone scout or one alliance scout and relay coordinates to bigger alliances on same side to plan attacks. You have to work together as not everyone is always ready for this degree of war.

I will add more soon hope this helps you avoid common mistakes and realize whats is going on, maybe even help kill our opposition. Good luck all.