Leader where are you? Sandbox Preview!

Hello all,

Due to many complications (mainly my Acer Predator 8 gaming tablet dying) I have absent from the game for a litte while now only making brief appearances. I do manage to keep in touch with a few almost daily to keep tabs on what is going on and who is and should be doing what.

Now I have never been known to sit idle no matter what I am doing so always I have been hard at work on a project that is now gotten to the point I am willing to start showing it to the public.

This post is being wrote live in real time while I am logged into game.

Sandbox and screenshots coming shortly, give me a few minutes.



Introducing Sleepless Knights newest vehicle. Modular and complete with turret and satellite arrays this will be the APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) that drives us to  victory on the battle field. Also as a bonus here is a couple shots using Toon Shaders example. I plan to design on my own Shaders completely unique to this game  soon.