Updates, Features, & Downloads! – Link Fixed!

The Game

The Game has came a long way and is months if not years ahead of even being possible thanks to many great assets and many hours of my life lost I’ll never get back (lol). V2.5 or Pre3 rolled out last night with UI almost complete, improved Ships controls, new flying vehicle, space station is open for exploration and solar system has been expanded. Weapons are in place as well as a new type of AI Droid that will try to kill you on sight. Below are a few of the most recent pictures if you are interested in Beta Testing this project now would be the time as Achievements have been added exclusive to Beta users and all flying vehicles are in game for a short period of time. These will be pulled from game soon to have weapons added and make them available only through more conventional methods such as game play or purchase. (Download at bottom of page)

PC ONLY – Beta Download Link (Fixed Now with Updated Version)


Unzip-, Click Exe , Grant Firewall Permissions as Needed, Enjoy!

— In Game Controls —

In Ship:

Q & E = Roll

Z & X = Throttle

C & V =  Altitude

TAB Key = Warp

H =  Get out of Ship


Out of Ship Controls:

WASD = Movement

Space Bar = Jump

CTRL Key = Run

C (While Running) = Slide

1 & 2 = Weapons

3 = Tablet

TAB Key = Use Tablet (Opens Ships Doors)